I am an Indianapolis based photographer and writer. I have a diverse eye and I am always looking for something new. My shooting styles can vary from photojournalism to fine art, but I often engage my work with an overall editorial approach. I go with what feels right in personal projects, but I can adapt or direct a shoot to achieve the desired “look” for client requests. I regularly work in demanding and fast paced environments such as motorsports, music, and aviation photography.

I started taking pictures when I stole my dad’s camera at a young age. Since then have pursed a semi-formal education with local classes, the occasional university class, and professional workshops as I have evolved and expanded. A major educational influence of mine has been David Alan Harvey. I was originally a darkroom black and white photographer, but today I work almost exclusively with digital media.

My work has is held in private collections as well as Butler University. I have been published with Indiana University, Ford Motorsport, Finish Line, Smash Mouth (band), Rally America, Obsidian Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, the Indy Star, Drive Magazine, Genesis Literally & Art Magazine, The Burnout, Vertical Magazine, and others.

Collaboration and open community engagement are near and dear to me. In 2014, I founded and curated the Social Photography gallery and collective. Photographers and social media users from around the world joined me in this project as we discussed photography and life in a transforming online world dominated by social media.

I am available for custom writing or photographic needs anywhere around the globe. I also contract for PR and social media consultation.

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BA English Creative Writing - Indiana University 2012

MS Geography GIS - Indiana University (in progress)

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