Stutz Artists Board of Directors

It's been a while since I've made an update, but I've been hard at work on some things behind the scenes. More to come with that soon, but I am happy to announce that I was elected to the Stutz Artists Association Board of Directors last week! I have also been serving on the Raymond James Gallery committee for a few weeks now. The gallery is located on the first floor of the Stutz building.

I have also been selected as a juror for the Stutz Artist Residency Program. The residency program is designed to award a lucrative studio space in the Stutz for one year. This is one of the largest grants awarded for the arts in the state of Indiana. I encourage anyone interested to apply.

Both the BoD and the gallery committee have some interesting plans in the works for the future. In October we will be partnering with the College Mentors for Kids to showcase art inspired by their mentorship program. In addition to that I'm working on a photography project that I've been organizing that will display photography captured by kids in the program. More on that later.

I also recently moved studios and I am now in A255 with the amazing Greta Waller. Greta is an amazing artist who has been featured in galleries all around the world. She has taught at UCLA and painted as far away as Antartica! Check her work out.