Hoosier Salon vs. iMOCA

I am excited to announce that I came in fourth place in the Hoosier Salon vs. iMOCA public competition last month. The artists represented in this competition are some of the best in Indianapolis. I am honored to have been included, let alone ranked so highly, amongst them all. 

This competition was much larger than a "who's the best" art brawl. This event was all about bringing together a diverse set of artists in one location - a unification of the Circle City's Art community. Artists from all over the city participated, such as first place artist Robert Horvath with his mixed media, second place Darlene Delbecq with her altered photograph, and third place Phil o'Malley with his acrylic panel sculpture. Debra Delbecq tied me with her acrylic painting while the fifth place rounded out a tie with David Cunningham, charcoal illustration, and Lesley Baker, porcelain sculpture. Everyone had a different approach to this show, but we were all there representing the Indianapolis art community. I took away a lot of inspiration from the variety of work. More importantly though, this gallery competition felt like a warm hug as all of the artists and visitors embraced the Indianapolis art scene. 

Thank you so much everyone for coming out and thank you to both Hoosier Salon and iMOCA for the fun event. This was a popular show with 1500 people visiting the gallery during the weekend. I hope to see more of these types of art shows in Indianapolis in the future.

Event write up in NUVO.

A View from Williamsburg #4

A View from Williamsburg #4